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Over the last 45 days, FIIs have filled up government securities limits that were released in the beginning of January 2016 even as they sold corporate bonds. Read our note on FII Read More
Fixed Income Growth Portfolio (FIGP) We have constructed two FIGP portfolios, one with fixed income securities and one with mutual fund fixed income schemes. Since inception on 29tRead More
The Nifty Index futures saw fall in open interest by 4.57% for the February series and rise in open interest by 26% for the March series. The April 2016 series saw rise in open intRead More
The government is scheduled to announce data on GDP for the third quarter of FY 2015-16 followed by that of Industrial Production and inflation based on the Consumer Price Index. GRead More
USD last week ended lower as markets cut long positions on expectations of the Fed maintaining status quo on rates this year. USD has seen a sustained rally over the last three yeaRead More
The short end of the credit curve is trading at healthy spreads over the Repo Rate and looks extremely attractive, as yields are likely to fall sharply in April. CD and CP yields hRead More
Podcast 5th February 2016 Risk aversion is driving markets globally and that is hurting your investments. Sensex and Nifty are down over 20% from peaks seen in 2015, ten year benchRead More
This company has announced results for the third quarter ended December 2015. The stock has declined after the announcement of the results. Data business continued its upward trajeRead More
This company has announced its fourth quarter results ended December 2015. The Company is expected to keep posting robust revenue growth in the first quarter of the year 2016. FourRead More