A Blind Corner is a turning where you cannot see what is ahead. Blind corner is also applicable to the world of investments, where you do not really know what is going to happen toRead More
Issue opens: Friday, 15th December 2017 Issue closes: Monday, 18th December 2017 Face Value – Rs.10 Price Band – Rs.45-50 Min Bid Lot – 280 Equity shares and in multiples thereon. Read More
Asset markets are partying hard. Equity indices are at record highs, credit spreads at record lows and volatility index staying at extremely low levels. Markets are basking in the Read More
10 year gsec yield at 7.20% is fairly valued at present and yields will move on sentiments rather than fundamentals till the budget. The benchmark 10 year bond, the 6.79% 2027 bondRead More
On 30th November 2017, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its non-OPEC friends decided to extend the output cuts till the end of 2018. OPEC and its alliesRead More
This Company has reported its quarterly results ended September 2017 and the stock was up by more than 1% after the announcement. The pathology business has grown at 11% (YTD 19%) Read More
Demonetization effect in the month of November 2016 contributed to the low base for growth in the month of November 2017. Particularly the sales of two wheelers rose significantly Read More
3 year credit spreads rose while 5 & 10 year credit spreads were largely flat post RBI policy last week. Three-year AAA corporate bonds were trading at levels of 7.34% as of weRead More
RBI stated post policy last week that it will suck out excess liquidity arising from fx operations by issuing MSS bonds and carrying out OMO bond sale auctions. As of 8th December Read More
USD ended higher last week on healthy jobs data and expectations of tax reform to get done by December end. Fed is expected to hike interest rates this month while guidance on paceRead More
Week ahead, the most important events in US include inflation & PMI number and Fed monetary policy decision. The ECB and the BoE will also provide an update on their monetary pRead More
Bitcoin touched USD 15,000 today  and price is sky rocketing. Its on everyone’s lips. Investors wonder whether to buy, regulators are issuing “at your own risk” wRead More
The 10 year benchmark bond, the 6.79% 2027 bond, saw yields trade at over one year high levels at 7.07% pre RBI Policy statement release. The yield on the 10 year bond is likely toRead More
The paint industry is divided into two segments for the purpose of reporting their revenues, Decorative and Industrial. Decorative Paints segment caters to the retail consumers andRead More
Wall Street closed mixed on 4th December 2017 after the U.S Senate passed a tax cut bill over the weekend. The Dow Jones climbed to a new record but tech stocks fell sharply, Dow JRead More