10 Year SDLs and 10 Year AAA  Corporate Bonds are trading at almost similar spreads of 80 bps against the benchmark 10 year gsec. SDLs are perceived as risk free given States accesRead More
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System liquidity as measured by bids for Repo, Reverse Repo, Term Repo and Term Reverse Repo in the LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility) auctions of the RBI and drawdown from StandiRead More
This company has signed a term sheet with Chhatwal Group Trust (Shrem Group) for disinvestment of its 24 subsidiaries (SPVs). The sale is for 14 operational projects and 4 under coRead More
This stock was recommended as a Target Return Stock. Click here for the report. However, despite showing good results as expected, the stock has not performed as market is becomingRead More
The paint industry in India was largely impacted by the Demonetization drive of the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre, in the month of November 2016 and as soon as recovery was Read More
Issue opens: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 Issue closes: Thursday, 24th August 2017 Face Value – Rs.10 Price Band – Rs.171-175 Min Bid Lot – 80 Equity shares and in multiples thereon. Read More
PPAP is a leading manufacturer of Automotive Sealing Systems, Interior and Exterior Automotive parts in India. The company’s state of the art manufacturing facilities are locRead More
Corporate bond yields closed flat last week. Three-year AAA corporate bonds were trading at levels of 6.95 as of week ended 18th August. Spreads were at 45 bps, 3 bps down against Read More
A large amount of share buyback announcement, a slew of lawsuits in the US over suspected securities fraud and the ongoing boardroom battle between a founder-promoter and the compaRead More
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This company in our global 10 stock model portfolio has announced Q3Fy17 results. Net sales rose by 33% (Y-o-Y) to USD 3744 million, EBIT rose by 72% (Y-o-Y) to USD 1023 million anRead More