This company has reported Q2Fy19 results. Company has reported 38% (Y-o-Y)  & 11% (Q-o-Q) increase in revenue from operations to Rs. 4431 million, EBITDA gained by 48% (Y-o-Y) Read More
FIIs/FPIs have sold Indian equity shares worth Rs. 289 billion in the month of October 2018 and bought shares worth Rs. 5 billion in November 2018 (till 2nd November). The Nifty InRead More
The government has been eyeing RBIs contingency reserves of more than Rs 3 trillion as it believes that the money belongs to the government and not the RBI. This reserve has been bRead More
This company in our global 10 stock portfolio reported Q4Fy18 results. Post announcement of results, share price of this company declined by 6% in after-hours trading due to weakerRead More
The market volatility is making fund managers index their portfolios to stay as close to benchmarks on performance. This leads to the question of paying higher fees than passive inRead More
We had constructed the twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 6th December 2012, benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 367% return since inception andRead More
We had constructed the Nineteen Sock Portfolio on 6th May 2013 benchmarked to the BSE 500 Index. The portfolio has given 297% return since inception and has outperformed the benchmRead More
We had constructed the Shariah twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 18th July 2016 and it was benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 70% return sinceRead More
The Global Ten Stock “strong core” Portfolio has given a return of 84% and has outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 index by 54% since inception on 8th April 2015. PoRead More
We have three long term portfolios, the 12 Stock “Strong Core” Portfolio, 19 Stock “Strong Core” Portfolio and the 10 Stock “Strong Core” GlobalRead More
This company has reported Q2Fy19 results, revenue from operation rose by 24.4% (Y-o-Y) & 6.6% (Q-o-Q), EBITDA margin expanded by 50 bps (Y-o-Y) and net profit rose by 43.10% (YRead More
Results Update This Company has reported results for the quarter ended September 2018. The revenue has increased in lower double digits as compared to the previous year same quarteRead More
This company in our Global “Strong Core” Portfolio has announced Q3Fy18 results. The share price rose by 3% (aftermarket hours) post announcement of results. Despite thRead More
The market correction in the last few months has hurt all portfolios in varying degrees. However, the character of the portfolio does to change with the market, unless the portfoliRead More
The USD 75 billion currency swap agreement with Japan will help stabilize the INR that has fallen to record lows on the back of various domestic and global issues. The lines may noRead More