BHEL has a weight of 10% in our Nifty Stock portfolio and a weight of 5% in our Nineteen Stock Portfolio for the Future. The stock has lost 20% post its first quarter 2013-14 resulRead More
The NSEL (National Spot Exchange) by deferring settlements has brought focus on markets where regulators are absent or are not being stringent on enforcing rules. The settlement amRead More
The Monthly E-Book is a collation of all analysis and reports published by us during a month.Read More
The RBI in its quarterly monetary policy review on the 30th of July left key rates unchanged and lowered economic growth forecast for fiscal 2013-14 to 5.5% from earlier estimates Read More
Bond market is trading the INR not directly but indirectly through government bonds. The correlation between ten year government bond yield and INR has never been stronger. The yieRead More
The Pharmaceuticals Industry in India has around 200 companies that are listed out of which 11 companies are in the category of large cap companies with a full market capitalizatioRead More
The first quarter fy 2014 results of banks underline the woes of public sector banks even as the private sector banks are growing at a relatively strong pace. Net interest income (Read More
The market volatility and your investments survey results show contradictory results. Most of you will invest in equities but not bonds and would rather park money in fixed depositRead More
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Podcast 1st July 2013 Transcript of Podcast RBI is waiting for the Indian Rupee (INR) to stabilize before it takes steps to help the economy grow from decade low growth rates of 5%Read More
The outlook for the INR does appear better than what is was a few months back when the markets turned volatile by the talk of Fed withdrawing stimulus. Global equities and currenciRead More
Waiting for Godot is a play by the noted Playwright Samuel Becket. The essence of the play is that two characters wait endlessly in vain for a person named Godot to arrive, and theRead More
Infotech Enterprises has a 4% weightage in our nineteen stock portfolio and an 8% weightage in our twelve stock portfolio. The company reported a 16.1% decrease in the consolidatedRead More
The Sensex and the Nifty shed 2% and 2.37% respectively last week on the back of additional liquidity tightening measures implemented by the RBI. The RBI reduced the percentage of Read More
The bond market will go into the 30th July RBI policy review on a hopeful note. The market will expect the central bank to maintain status quo on policy rates of CRR (Cash Reserve Read More