The Non-Plan expenditure of the government constitutes 65% of total government expenditure that was budgeted for fiscal 2012-13. Non-Plan expenditure was estimated at Rs 969,000 crRead More
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Bond markets will seriously position for rate cuts post the budget for 2013-14 that is to be tabled in the parliament on the 28thof February. The market will watch out for the goveRead More
The Union Budget for 2013-14 is to be tabled in the Parliament on the 28th of February 2013. This budget will be the last full budget of the UPA government before elections in 2014Read More
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The government funds over 90% of its fiscal deficit through issue of dated government bonds. A rising fiscal deficit implies higher government borrowing that in turn leads to pressRead More
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The government has indicated that it is likely to borrow less in fiscal 2013-14 than the amount it borrowed in 2012-13. The lower borrowing amount of the government is positive forRead More
Bharat Forge stock is trading at Rs 218 as of 11th February 2013, which discounts expected 2013 earnings by 20.5x. The upside for the stock five years down the line is 237%. IndianRead More
Tax breaks will not help equity flows Arjun Parthasarathy Published: 11th February 2013 The government is trying to push the RGESS (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme) by giving itRead More
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The yield on a corporate bond carries two types on risk, one is interest rate risk and the second is credit risk. Table 1 gives the traded levels in terms of yields of two corporatRead More