USD ended the week on a higher note against most of the major world currencies largely on the back of better-than-expected U.S. monthly jobs report. Friday’s monthly jobs report shRead More
In March 2017, we first put out a presentation on why the Sensex will touch 40k in 2019. The Sensex was trading at 29,000 levels when we put out our analysis and it is trading at cRead More
Last week, US Labor Department released non-farm pay rolls data. US employers hired 209,000 workers in the month of July 2017 and above market expectations of 183,000, signs of labRead More
The OIS market saw 5 year OIS yields falling by 14bps week on week to close at levels of 6.12%. The one year OIS yield fell by 7bps to close at 6.13%. The inversion of the 1*5 OIS Read More
This company has announced its second quarter results ended June 2017. The stock was 4% up after the announcement of the results. Tesla’s 120% rise in revenue was driven by aRead More
This company in our global 10 stock portfolio reported Q3Fy17 results. Post announcement of results share price of this company rose by 6% in after-hour trading. Net sales rose by Read More
Information Technology companies along with some of the Cement, Automobile and Telecom players have announced the results for the quarter ended June 2017. In the Information technoRead More
RBI August 2017 Policy Stance to Benefit Credit Spreads the Most Markets to search for yields amidst high liquidity and low rates Gsecs will see yield curve plays INR, Sensex, NiftRead More
This Company has reported its quarterly results ended June 2017 and the stock rose by more than 3% post the announcement. The stock is part of our Model 19 stock portfolio with a wRead More
This financial services company has posted a consolidated net profit of Rs.156 million in Q1FY18, which is 75% lower than Rs 612 million reported in Q1FY17  due to stress in the MiRead More
This stock in our model portfolios has reported Q1Fy18 results. Revenue from operations rose by 26% (Y-o-Y) & 19% (Q-o-Q), earnings before tax (EBT) rose 51% (Y-o-Y) & 82% Read More
Manufacturing sector Commercial Papers (CP) 3 months, 6 months and 12 months maturity yields are at levels of 6.25%, 6.53% and 6.78% respectively. NBFC Commercial Papers (CP) 3 monRead More
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Given equal weights to all 6 stocks, the portfolio has given 17% return since recommendation (06th June 2017) and BSE S&P Sensex gained by 4%. 6666 Portfolio outperformed SenseRead More