Inflation for the month of January 2012 came in at 6.55%, a twenty six month low. The last two years fixed income investors have been extremely risk averse on rising inflation fearRead More
The year 2012 has started off on a good note for the markets. Indian equities, rupee and bonds have all gained handsomely calendar year to date, with a rally of over 12% by the SenRead More
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Markets will go into this week with positive and negative factors. The positive factor is inflation for January 2012 coming in below 7% leading to rate cut expectation in RBI’s MarRead More
Inflation as measured by the WPI (Wholesale Price Index) is expected to come in below 7% for the month of January 2012. Market expectations for inflation is around 6.7% and if it cRead More
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Liquidity will keep up markets but macro risks can come to the fore Indian markets have had a good start in 2012. The Nifty and Sensex are up by over 15%, the Rupee has gained overRead More
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Manufacturing data across the globe came in positive for January 2012 leading to a healthy rally in markets. China did not participate much in the broad rally as the government didRead More
RBI stoked a bond rally by announcing bond purchase auctions to infuse liquidity into the market. Bond yields fell by 20bps on the back of RBI buying bonds and the ten year benchmaRead More