Action Invest for retirement but do not invest worrying about retirement Worrying about your retirement corpus can work against your investments Ravi was suddenly worried about retRead More
The end result of expenditures being higher than revenues is the fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit is financed predominantly by market borrowings (around 85%). Market borrowing isRead More
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RBI cut CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) by 75bps post market hours on Friday the 9th of March 2012. The larger than expected CRR cut (market was expecting 50bps) can be attributed to fourRead More
A 75bps CRR (Cash Reserve ratio) cut by the RBI is more than a liquidity easing measure. The market was expecting a 50bps CRR cut in the RBI policy review on the 15th of March and Read More
Greece has effectively reduced its debt by Euro 100 billion and has secured Euro 130 billion of bailout funds from the EU (European Union). Greece has achieved the debt reduction aRead More
Gold is losing its flight to safety value and at levels of USD 1700/oz is trading near its all time peak of USD 1895/oz. The USD outlook is not highly negative  for gold to move upRead More
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The cash flow statement (also called the fund flow statement) collates information from the profit and loss account (income statement) and the balance sheet and puts them together Read More
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