The market closed last week on a distinctly bullish note but the going is still uncertain. Markets have however seen near term lows at below 16,000 for the Sensex and below 4800 foRead More
The RBI chose to devolve 40% of the total auction size of the 7.83% 2018 and 7.80% 2021 government bonds on to the primary dealers (PD’s). The notified amount of the 7.83% 2018 bonRead More
India inflation as measured by the WPI or Wholesale Price Inflation for the month of September 2011 came in at 9.72% as against a level of 9.78% seen in August 2011. Inflation roseRead More
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Policy transmission has never been as fast  RBI does not have to tighten policy rates further in its quest to bring down inflation expectations. The government and the SBI are helpRead More
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SBI and other state run banks will stop lending to lower rated borrowers State Bank of India (SBI) credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s. The credit rating agency downgraded SBI’Read More
Indian equity indices were hit by the credit rating downgrade of SBI by Moody’s. The Bank Nifty fell over 4% week on week dragging the Sensex and Nifty down as the banking sector hRead More
  The bond market bid and “got given” at higher levels of yields in the first government bond auction of the second half of fiscal 2011-12. The government auctioned Rs 15,000 Read More
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