This company in our global 10 stock portfolio reported Q3Fy18 results. Post announcement of results, share price of this company rose by 4% in after-hour trading. Net sales rose byRead More
In the first quarter of FY 2018-19 the Company has reported sales of Rs. 5,191 million, up by 8.63% on a yearly basis from Rs.4,779 million. Company’s EBITDA grew by 25.26% in Q1FYRead More
The stock price has seen a sharp correction from the recommended levels and the Company expects the fluctuations in performance to settle down in the next two quarters and the reveRead More
RBI to continue with rate hikes to catch up with the yield curve 10 year government bond yield to trade in a 7.70% to 8% range going into October 2018 AAA corporate bond yields to Read More
We had constructed the twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 6th December 2012, benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 414% return since inception andRead More
The Global Ten Stock “strong core” Portfolio has given a return of 92% and has outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 index by 61% since inception on 8th April 2015. PoRead More
We had constructed the Nineteen Sock Portfolio on 6th May 2013 benchmarked to the BSE 500 Index. The portfolio has given 340% return since inception and has outperformed the benchmRead More
We had constructed the Shariah twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 18th July 2016 and it was benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 90% return sinceRead More
Our 10 stock “strong core” growth portfolio, designed to take advantage of India’s growth with political stability and constructed in accordance with our Swachh IRead More
We have three long term portfolios, the 12 Stock “Strong Core” Portfolio, 19 Stock “Strong Core” Portfolio and the 10 Stock “Strong Core” GlobalRead More
Investment Rationale We have recommended this stock with a 50% upside from the levels of USD 136 per share with a three year perspective to USD 204 per share. The stock has a priceRead More
This Company has announced its first quarter results for the financial year 2018-19. In the first quarter of FY 19, the Company has reported sales of Rs. 45,736 million, up by 26.3Read More
This company has reported Q1Fy19 results, revenue from operation rose by 20% (Y-o-Y) & 2% (Q-o-Q) basis, EBITDA margin expanded by 400 bps (Q-o-Q) due to increase in prices at Read More
This company has announced results for the first quarter ended June 2018. Post the announcement of results stock price of Interglobe Aviation fell by 9% due to fall in the net profRead More
Dear Advisory Partner,  The last four months have seen extreme volatility in markets, led by mid and small cap stocks that tanked anywhere between 25% and 60%. There was a shift frRead More