A large amount of share buyback announcement, a slew of lawsuits in the US over suspected securities fraud and the ongoing boardroom battle between a founder-promoter and the compaRead More
Risk aversion continues to be the main driver for the currency market and USD is likely to see high volatility on Trump and Geopolitical issues. The equity market globally declinedRead More
A study of RBI Rate Cuts over the 2000-2017 period reveals that this current rate cut cycle has more steam left. The 2015-2017 to some extent resembles the 2001-2004 period of easiRead More
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This company in our global 10 stock model portfolio has announced Q3Fy17 results. Net sales rose by 33% (Y-o-Y) to USD 3744 million, EBIT rose by 72% (Y-o-Y) to USD 1023 million anRead More
The decline in profitability is due to non realization of revenues. Healthy Order book to the tune of Rs.50 billion and new order wins to the tune of Rs.41.54 billion make the totaRead More
10 year gsec yield spread to the Repo Rate is at 50bps, up from negative spreads seen post demonetisation in November 2016. 10 year gsec largely moves on expectations of rate cuts Read More
This construction company has announced results for the first quarter ended June 2017. The orders that were received in the financial year 2015-16 are yielding robust revenue growtRead More
NBFC Commercial Papers (CP) 3 months, 6 months and 12 months maturity yields are at levels of 6.47%, 6.75% and 6.90% respectively while spreads are at 36 bps, 55 bps and 67 bps as Read More
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This Company has reported its quarterly results ended June 2017 and the stock was up by more than 2.5% after the announcement. The revenue of Thyrocare Technologies grew by 28.82% Read More
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