The Past Can be the Worst Indicator for the Future

24 Dec 2014

Ravi is a hard working professional who wants to take the right financial decisions for securing his and his family’s future. His friend who is a market professional and who wants to do the best for Ravi helps him in his day to day decisions on financial matters.

Gautama Ramesh directs the video on Ravi Series on Personal Finance and actors are Aanand Lakshmi Ratan (Ravi) and Benedict Gnaniah (Ravi’s Friend). Music –

About the Author

Arjun Parthasarathy is dedicating his experience of over twenty years in financial markets to guide investors to the path of informed decision making on their investments. The more informed the investor, the more money the investor will make is the guiding principle of Arjun. The fact that he has worked across markets including equities, interest rates, credits and currencies and across market platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research, gives Arjun the extra edge that is required to guide investors to make the right investments in the globalized nature of markets.