Swachh means Clean as in Swachh Bharat or Clean India, a campaign started by PM Narendra Modi.

Swachh Investment Advise is our own Principle.

Why Swachh Investment Advise for Your Long Term Savings?

Saving for long term to achieve your life’s objectives, which could be peaceful retirement, early retirement, children’s education, entrepreneurship and other such goals, is fraught with Risks.

Risks include:

  1. Wrong investments
  2. Inflation eating away into your savings
  3. Market volatility

Wrong investments is the biggest risk of all as you will lose much required returns, not be able to exit and pay high fees. Inflation and market risks are lowered by the right investments. Wrong investments can include investments made at wrong time, investment in high cost products that eat into returns, investments sold to you for high commissions and investments made with promise of very high returns in short span of time.

Swachh Investment Advise will make sure you make the Right Investments to grow your savings. This does not mean that our Investment Recommendation are always right but what we definitely promise you is that our Investment Advise will be well researched and analysed and neutral , we will make sure that you do not pay any extra costs other than our advisory fees and will not recommend any investment for commissions.

What do you get from our Swachh Investment Advise?  

Once you subscribe, you will

  1. Be assigned a dedicated investment advisor who will be your own SIRI
  2. Investment advisor will advise you on your long term portfolios based on your risk profile. You will have to fill up our Risk Profile form to get your risk score.
  3. Long term portfolios are based on future expectations of returns on equities and fixed income. For example if we believe that equity markets are seen in a bubble such as the 2008 financial crisis where markets fell 50% and higher, long term portfolios will not have any equity investments.
  4. If you have an existing portfolio, it will be analysed and changes recommended if required.
  5. Long term portfolios will continuously be reviewed and rebalanced when required.
  6. We take no  part  in execution of your transactions.
  7. Education on financial markets and investments for you to understand your portfolio risks and returns.

Swachh Investment Philosophy 

We believe that to create Long Term Wealth, you have to invest in Growth Assets. Growth assets for us is Equities. However, we also believe that market cycles can disrupt Long Term Savings, and you need to move into Fixed Income at points of time to both preserve capital and take higher returns offered by the Fixed Income Market. Gold is extremely opportunistic asset to be used in extreme stress times.

Our portfolios are clean as in they are small, easy to manage, extremely liquid and provide strong outperformance. Our Equity Portfolios consists of largely Non Polluting and Non Harming businesses, businesses that disrupt or do not face disruption, businesses that can grow without overextending balance sheets and businesses that have strong management. Our theme is growth as you require growth stocks for creating long term wealth.

Fixed income portfolios are constructed with government bonds and corporate bonds or with mutual fund schemes that invest in government bonds and corporate bonds.

Great, Swachh Investment Advise & Philosophy but What is Our Track Record?

Why should you pay anyone to get advice on your investments?

Paying for advice is a new concept as we are used to having the advisory cost embedded in the financial product we buy. Unfortunately non advisory professionals who sell those products cannot be impartial when they recommend products as their compensation and sometimes their job depend on you buying that product. Even if you pay for advise, how can you be sure you are being advised right?

Hence the question is who can you trust ? When you have questions regarding your finances, who will advise on what is right by you because what is right for you is also right for them.

Investorsareidiots.com Swachh Investment Advisory Service is a service that is Truthful and you can Trust us as our Only Agenda is to help you Create Long Term Wealth.  We are professionals with strong track records, extremely transparent in our advise and do not take any other fees apart from what you pay us. In short, if we don’t deliver, you will not come back to us. Hence, we make sure we deliver. Check our portfolio performances for our track record.


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Analysis of Your Current Investments,Investment Structuring, Restructuring, Maintenance
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Amita Shah heads the Online Investment Advisory at Investorsareidiots.com. She has over 15 years of experience in dealing with financial products and used to head the Wealth Management at Derivium Tradition Securities (Pvt) Ltd. She has many published articles to her credit.