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  3. Unbiased advise on when to Invest and When Not to Invest or Sell your Investments. “We Do Not Sell or Distribute Mutual Fund Products and Do Not Earn any Other Transaction Commission, You pay Rs 6666/- for our advise & education, nothing more.

**Offer valid until 31st July 2017

Sensex touched record highs today and our analysis suggests that it can potentially touch 40,000 over the next two years. You can participate in the Sensex upside and start building your retirement savings through low cost Mutual Funds. This will also give you a learning on mutual funds, equities, fixed income and personal finance and with this learning you can then start to diversify your investments into different mutual fund schemes,  stocks and fixed income investments.

Equity MF’s are of many different types, there are MF’s based on market capitalisation, based on types of investment philosophies such as growth and value, based on sectoral themes, based on strategies etc. Investing in MF schemes require you to understand many factors and this understanding takes time.

The best and easiest way to start investing in MF’s is through Passive or Index Investing, where you just follow the returns of the BSE Sensex or Nifty Index. Starting with Index Investing, you then have the luxury to learn about other MF schemes and you do not miss out on returns offered by the Indices.

Index investing is investing in in a basket of stocks that comprises the Sensex or Nifty index. These stocks are the largest companies in India and the exchanges make sure that only the largest companies are present in the Sensex and Nifty indices.

Investing in the Sensex or Nifty index basket helps you achieve the growth in savings required for future financial security and also helps protect your capital as you can easily sell your investments when markets become unhealthy. In fact your savings in PPF is invested in the Index by the EPFO. Globally, index investing has become the norm for both individuals and institutions alike.

We will tell you when to invest and when not to invest  in Sensex or Nifty stocks and help you grow you savings to achieve a high pension income.

Sensex at 40,000 in 2019

The next two years is likely to see Indian equity markets cross many peaks as both the global economy and Indian economy are seeing signs of coming out of a long slump post 2008 financial crisis. India’s political climate too looks strong with the Modi led BJP government sweeping state polls in key states such as UP. We expect the Sensex to touch 40,000 in 2019. Click here for our presentation, Sensex at 40k in 2019. 

We believe that in order to secure your financial future post retirement you would require to be smart about your savings. You would need to build a good corpus when equity markets are expected to do well and then protect your capital when returns fall.

We will construct a simple mutual fund portfolio that carries low cost, which can be as low as just 0.05%. We will also distribute your investments between Equity Funds, primarily Index Funds or ETF’s that mirror the performance of Sensex or Nifty Index, and Fixed Income Funds. As you learn about MF investments, you can then diversify into active funds.

Not only we will give you the MF portfolio, we will give you the tutorials required to understand your investments.

Your MF investments will then gain when Sensex and Nifty are rising and will be protected when they fall sharply and stay low for long periods of time. When Sensex and Nifty are rising and looking to rise for longer periods of time, we will construct your portfolio in such a way that you gain maximum benefit from the rise. However when markets are at peaks and looking to fall, your portfolio will be exposed only to Fixed Income, that protects capital and provides stable returns .

Moreover, we will keep updating you on our analysis of Markets, Economies and Businesses, which will give you a good knowledge of outlook for equity and fixed income markets, which in turn will determine your MF portfolio.

How Does it Work? 

Once you sign up, we will establish your risk profile and then suggest a MF portfolio. You can then invest in the MF schemes directly through the MF websites or through platforms that offer direct investments. ETF’s you invest through your broking account like you buy equities. We will hand hold you if required.

Advisory Fees 

The Advisory Fees for our Invest, Earn & Learn about equities, fixed income is just Rs 6666/-. The fees is payable upfront.


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