I firmly believe that the approach to Fitness & Finance is the same to achieve your objectives. Both are a long term journey and involves work on your part, nobody else can do it for you. You can do it yourself or seek proper guidance, no short term fads or products will do it for you.




Both are also extremely enjoyable process in their own ways.


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Fitness and Finance are closely related both in needs and the way the needs are catered to by the Fitness and Finance Industries. It is safe to say that if everyone followed the right path to fitness and finance, everyone will be healthy and wealthy, which definitely is not the case.

Why do fitness and finance go together? Being fit and healthy enables you to lead a good life and enjoy the benefits of hard work you put in to earn money. Building wealth helps you to continue to lead a good life even after you stop working for a living.

We have been advising our clients on building wealth for their future and now we are aiming to provide advise on Fitness as well that includes nutrition and diet. Our clients will not only build wealth but will also be able to enjoy their wealth by leading an active and healthy life.

We are scouting a name for our Fitness & Personal Finance Platform, which will be largely online with offline presence as well. The name should capture our core belief of achieving a good active enjoyable life through the journey of becoming fit and building wealth.

The winner with the name that we will use for our platform will get a Prize Money of Rs 10,000.

Please send in your Name Choices along with the rationale to competition@zephyr.org.in mentioning your Name and Mobile Number. 

Last Date for Entries is 30th September 2019


Arjun Parthasarathy has over 25 years experience in financial markets. He has worked across platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research and across segments of equities and fixed income. Arjun has worked with reputed institutions including Citigroup, IDFC Mutual Fund, Sundaram Mutual Fund and IDBI Bank. He has done his MBA from University of Hull UK and MA in Economics from the University of Poona. Arjun has authored the book, The Rich Investor, published in 2012.

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