Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services is a division of Zephyr Financial Publishers Private Limited, which is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. Zephyr  is founded and headed by Arjun Parthasarathy.  Arjun is ably supported by a Team of Dedicated Staff including Investment Advisors, Analysts, Customer Support and Administration. Zephyr Board of Directors consists of specialists in Web Business,  Internet Marketing and Legal and Corporate Affairs.

Profile of Arjun Parthasarathy

Arjun Parthasarathy is dedicating his experience of over twenty five years in financial markets to Make Retirement Investments Work for You.  The Simple Yet Powerful Philosophy that goes into your Retirement Investments is that the more informed you are on  Retirement Investments the higher the success you will have in achieving your Retirement Goals. The fact that Arjun has worked across markets including equities, interest rates, credits and currencies and across market platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research, gives Arjun the extra edge that is required to guide you to make the Right Retirement Investments in the fast changing and globalised nature of markets.Arjun has authored  a book for investors, The Rich Investor, published in 2012.

Why Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services for Your Retirement Investments and Other Financial Goals?

Zephyr Online Investment Advisory Services is a completely independent advisory service provider that will provide you the guidance and knowledge required for you to secure your financial future. Our Investment Philosophy is “Your Savings are Globalised” and your investment portfolio will be constructed and maintained based on research on disruptions in the global and domestic financial markets, business and economic environment and its impact on your investments. Apart from just offering advise, we will also equip you with the knowledge necessary to understand the highly dynamic investment environment, which in turn will enable you to judge your progress towards your financial goals.

We are fully transparent in our research and you can access all our research that goes into your investment portfolios. The only fee you pay is a fixed subscription fee. We do not transact on your behalf or handle your money and our focus is only on the guidance and knowledge that will go towards growing your wealth.