New Interest Rate Futures (IRF) Contract clocked Rs 9.3 billion volume on 1st day of trade The 2014 version of the IRF contract promises to succeed while the 2003 and 2009 versionsRead More
NIIT Ltd. reported a 140% increase in the consolidated net profit to Rs.12 million from Rs.5 million on a year on year basis and a decrease from Rs.120 million on a sequential quarRead More
The positive sentiment in bond markets that has taken down bond yields by 30bps since the beginning of calendar year 2014 is set to continue on the back of RBI OMO bond purchase auRead More
The Sensex and the Nifty rose 1.47% each on a week on week basis on account of positive economic data that was reported for the Indian economy. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and Read More
Wipro reported a 20.76% increase in the consolidated net profit to Rs.20727 million from Rs.17164 million on a year on year basis and an increase of 6.71% from Rs.19424 million on Read More
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One of our top mid cap recommended company has announced their quarterly result and has given a stellar performance in the third quarter of FY 2013-14. The company is expected to cRead More
Bajaj Finserve has presence in our 19 stock portfolio for the future and in the 12 stock portfolio. The stock has been an underperformer with a one year return of negative 16.5%. HRead More
A political party based on the plank of anti corruption must first have a strong economic policy backing it. Any amount of crusades against corruption without a fundamentally stronRead More
Bear Call Spread is an option strategy followed by the trader when he expects the price of the underlying asset to go down moderately in the near term. The strategy is implemented Read More
Live training session is scheduled on 18th January 2014, Saturday, at 11:00 am IST. Please attend it. Agenda for training Nineteen Stock Portfolio Q & A session To attend trainRead More
Indian Economy Calendar year 2013 was characterized by rising inflation and falling growth and this impacted the INR as well as bond yields. Inflation as measured by the WPI (WholeRead More
The stock of Tata Motors edged higher to Rs.375 as the Jaguar Land Rover Company reported a record number of units sold for the year ended 2013. The sales have shown continuous impRead More