Positive surprise and if Fed is a non event, record highs on Sensex and Nifty and sharp rise in Rupee is well on cards The whole market was expecting a 25 bps repo rate hike by theRead More
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The Sensex and the Nifty declined 1.34% and 1.47% respectively in the last week due to high Consumer Price Index (CPI) levels and contraction in the Index of Industrial Production Read More
The know your Fixed Income Mutual Funds Survey was aimed at judging the level of understanding of Fixed Income Mutual funds by participants in the survey. The Survey results indicaRead More
The sharp rise in CPI (Consumer Price Index) to its all time high of 11.24% year on year in November 2013 from levels of 10.17% seen in October 2013 will prompt the RBI to raise thRead More
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