The Sensex and Nifty at close to all time high levels at 21,000 and 6250 as of 30th October 2013 are almost at similar levels seen in December 2007. In absolute terms the indices hRead More
The Indian auto component industry’s turnover is USD 40.6 billion in FY 2012-13 and is projected to touch USD 115 billion by 2020-21. The industry has grown at a healthy compoundedRead More
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What is the relationship between the future price and spot price of a security? We will take a simple example to illustrate the relationsip. Let us consider a simple investment assRead More
Money market rates will move in a 7.75% to 8.75% range over the next couple of months and this will align government bond, corporate bond and interest rate swap curves accordingly.Read More
IPO Facts Twitter IPO is schedule on the 15th of November 2013. Twitter Inc. plans to raise up to USD 1.6 billion and value the company at up to USD 10.9 billion. Twitter intends tRead More
Dabur Q2FY14 results India’s largest Ayurveda and Natural Health Care Company, Dabur has shown strong growth in key categories like Oral Care, Foods, Home Care and Skin Care and shRead More
The Sensex and the Nifty reached levels of 21,000 and 6,200 respectively but declined marginally by 0.95% and 0.71% respectively in the last week ahead of the RBI monetary policy tRead More
The RBI has resorted to many short term measures to stem the panic caused by the INR fall to record lows of Rs 68.80 against the USD in August 2013. Unfortunately the shot term meaRead More
ICICI Bank has posted good financial results for the quarter ended 30th September 2013.Consolidated PAT for Q2FY14 increased by 12.85% to Rs 26,974 million compared to the correspoRead More
BFL reported a 6.23% decrease in the consolidated net profit to Rs.96.4 crores from Rs.102.8 crores on a year on year basis and an increase of 6.4% from Rs.90.6 crores on a sequentRead More
Friday Podcast 25th October 2013 Transcript of Podcast The INR that had weakened to record lows against the USD in August 2013 should gain comfort from the strong Euro as it signifRead More
The Sensex at 21000 is almost at life time highs. The last time it reached this level was in November 2010 after which it tanked all to way to 15500 levels. The first time the SensRead More