Markets have their ups and downs. Markets have had their downs in the May- September 2013 period and now they can have their ups. The Sensex and Nifty are poised for record levels Read More
Friday Podcast 18th October 2013 Transcript of Podcast The US averted a potential debt default by increasing the debt ceiling before a deadline on the 18th of October 2013. US goveRead More
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Fixed Income Market Indices A market index tracks the performance of a specific basket of assets considered to represent a particular market or sector of the economy. Fixed Income Read More
Indian Economy Food prices are killing growth literally. India’s official inflation index, the WPI (Wholesale Price Index) rose by 6.46% year on year for the month of September 201Read More
RBI cut the MSF rate by 50bps, held an Rs 10,000 crores OMO (Open Market Operation) purchase auction and infused Rs 19,000 crores through 7 day term repo auctions at 8.80% to ease Read More
The Sensex and the Nifty rose 3.08% and 3.20% respectively on account of positive economic data pertaining to trade deficit, RBI’s decision to improve liquidity in the banking systRead More
Tata Motors stock has reached a 52 week high of Rs.388 on 11thOctober 2013 on the back of robust sales growth in vehicles of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for the month of September 2013Read More
Infosys has gained over 5% post its second quarter FY 2013-14 results on the back of the company performing in line with the market expectation. The company has increased its FY 20Read More
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September 2013 trade deficit fell to a thirty month low as gold and silver exports plunged on policy restrictions. Trade deficit for September 2013 printed at USD 6.72 billion, dowRead More
Futures Futures are defined as derivative instruments or tools that help in taking a position (Buy or Sell) for an underlying asset depending on the expected direction of the movemRead More