Live training session is scheduled on 29th  September 2013,Sunday, at 11:00 am IST. Please attend it. Agenda for training Nineteen Stock Portfolio Q&A session To attend traininRead More
Friday Podcast 27th September 2013 Transcript of Podcast The Indian Rupee (INR) is still on life support. The only reason that it strengthened by 9.5% from lows of Rs 68.80 to the Read More
Automobile industry is considered as one of the key sectors of the economy due to its forward and backward linkages with other sectors along with a significant contribution it has Read More
Short term debt funds invest in a mix of short maturity government bonds and corporate bonds. Depending on the interest rate and credit spread outlook the debt funds vary the portfRead More
Bharti Airtel’s Acquisition of Zain Telecom Bharti Airtel acquired Zain Telecom in Africa for a value of USD 10.7 billion in April 2010. Bharti Airtel paid USD 7.9 billion in cash,Read More
The Headline in the Times of India scream “Rs 4000 crores of Gilts Unsold”.  The headline is factually incorrect as all government bond auctions are fully underwritten and no auctiRead More
REER/NEER The REER is used as a reference point by markets and policy makers to judge the value of the Indian Rupee (INR). The INR value is largely determined by demand supply factRead More
The Sensex and the Nifty gained 2.69% and 2.75% to cross the 20,000 and 6,000 levels respectively on account of an eventful week that saw the Fed take no action on the withdrawal oRead More
Interest rate futures (IRF) Interest rate futures are fixed income derivative instruments. Globally, interest rate derivatives are the most popular contracts traded in the markets Read More
The 25bps repo rate hike effected by the RBI in its 20th September 2013 monetary policy review did not go down well with the market that was expecting status quo on the repo rate. Read More
Dr. Raghuram  Rajan  in his first policy statement has made clear his views on interest rates, inflation and the INR. He believes that the interest rates are too low given the leveRead More
The US Automobile Industry is showing strong growth across segments, which is sharp contrast to the Indian Automobile Industry that is showing no growth at all. Hence our focus is Read More
Podcast 19th September 2013 Transcript of Podcast It is no wonder Americans look down upon the world, including India. The US Central Bank, the Federal Reserve (Fed) determines theRead More
AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India) data for November 2016 shows that of total assets of Rs 16,500 billion, debt funds account for Rs 10,725billion or around 65% of total aRead More
The US Federal Reserve (Fed) drove the benchmark US equity index, the S&P 500 index to record high close on the 18th of September 2013. US benchmark ten year treasury yields feRead More