Indian Economy WPI at lowest level in three and half years to help bond yields trend down India’s WPI (Wholesale Price Inflation) for the month of April 2013 came in at 4.89%, the Read More
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The model portfolio for the future is a 19 stock portfolio that aims to capture the broad macro and micro trends we see in the current and future market environment.  The benchmarkRead More
The bond market is anxiously waiting for the government to announce an issue of a new ten year bond. The current ten year benchmark bond, the 8.15% 2022 bond is no longer a ten yeaRead More
The Monthly E Book is a collation of all reports and analysis published by us during a month.Read More
The INR is trading at levels of Rs 53.90 to the USD, just over 5% from all time lows of Rs 57 seen in June 2012. The currency can appreciate by 10% in fiscal 2013-14 to levels of RRead More
RBI’s 25bps repo rate cut in its 3rd May 2013 annual policy statement is likely to spur a bond market rally going forward. Bond markets will start expecting at least one more repo Read More
The RBI governor Dr. D. Subbarao is saying he is hawkish on rates but his actions suggest that he is dovish on rates. The Central Bank cut the benchmark policy rate, the repo rate Read More
Friday Podcast 3rd May 2013 Transcript of the Podcast Hi this is your editor Arjun Parthasarathy speaking. This week’s  Friday Podcast topic is on “Arjun Parthasarathy SubscriptionRead More
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The bond market is factoring in a 25bps repo rate cut in the 3rd May 2013 RBI annual policy statement. A 25bps repo rate cut will bring down the overnight lending rate from 7.50% tRead More