There are many US Dollar (USD) bears out there. They talk about US debt, which at USD 14 trillion is hitting its debt limit ceiling and its unemployment rate, which at 9.2% is fourRead More
The Sensex and Nifty closed positive week on week largely on 1.5% rally on the last trading day of last week. The rally was on the back of an expected resolution to the Greece debtRead More
The RBI is widely expected to raise the benchmark repo rate (the rate at which RBI lends to the banking system) in the annual 2011-12 monetary policy review on the 26th of July 201Read More
South America in the 1980’s, Russia in the 1990’s and Eurozone countries in the 2000’s. Markets after having survived two of these debt crises is now in the third. Will it survive Read More
We learnt about the concepts of fixed income in the first tutorial by taking an example of a simple fixed deposit. You placed a principle of Rs 100 in a three year maturity fixed dRead More
Companies pay dividends out of profits earned, in fact by law they can pay dividends only from profits earned. Profits earned in the past can also be used for paying out dividends.Read More
Five year interest rate swaps are frontrunning government bond yields Invest in government bonds or gilt funds The five year OIS (Overnight index swap) is trading at 75bps below thRead More
Bond yields trended down last week on the back of weaker than expected IIP (Index of Industrial Production) growth data and softer than expected inflation data. Bond yields will coRead More
Economic conditions are not as bad as they are made out to be. The future in fact is looking brighter than it appears. Two things going for the economy at present is the peaking ofRead More
The Sensex and Nifty closed last week with week on week losses of around 1.5%. The weakness in the large cap indices was, largely due to the sharp losses sustained by information tRead More
Short term debt will do well Importance to your portfolio: High Level of technical knowledge required : High Subscribers who do not understand the content can follow the investmentRead More
Slowing growth- bet on bonds  The economy is heading for a slowdown and bond yields are not far from peaks seen during the year.  This by itself is a good case for buying into bondRead More
US, China, Greece, Italy, Portugal and other Eurozone countries are all contributing to market sentiments at present. Domestic investors in equities have already been affected by dRead More
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Face Value: The face value of a bond is also known as par value or principal amount. It is basically the amount of money a holder will get back once a bond matures. A newly issued Read More