This company has announced its third quarter results ended March 2019 on 09th May 2019. Consolidated revenues from operations rose by 12% (Y-o-Y), net profit decreased by 2% (Y-o-YRead More
This company has reported Q4Fy19 results, revenue from operation rose by 10% (Y-o-Y), EBITDA margin gained by 100 bps (Y-o-Y) due to higher utilisation levels (higher demand for gaRead More
During the quarter, LTTS won 9 multi-million dollar deals across Industrial Products, Process Industry and Telecom & Hi-tech. On a YoY basis, LTTS has increased its USD50mn+ clRead More
This company released the financial results for the fourth quarter of the 2018-19 financial year, The company registered net product sales of Rs 207,375 million and a net profit ofRead More
We had constructed the Shariah twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 18th July 2016 and it was benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 66% return sinceRead More
We had constructed the twelve stock “strong core” portfolio on 6th December 2012, benchmarked to the BSE Sensex. The portfolio has given 378% return since inception andRead More
We had constructed the Nineteen Sock Portfolio on 6th May 2013 benchmarked to the BSE 500 Index. The portfolio has given 325% return since inception and has outperformed the benchmRead More
The Global Ten Stock “strong core” Portfolio has given a return of 108% and has outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 index by 66% since inception on 8th April 2015. PRead More
The government issued a New 30 year bond, the 7.63% 2059 bond, at spreads of 29bps over the 10 year benchmark bond, the 7.26% 2029 bond. The 10*30 spread has widened from 21bps to Read More
FIIs/FPIs have bought Indian equity shares worth Rs. 211 billion in April 2019 and sold shares worth Rs. 3.7 billion in May 2019 (till 3rd May 2019). The Nifty Index futures witnesRead More
This company in our global 10 stock portfolio reported Q2Fy19 results. Post announcement of results, share price of this company gained by 5% due to resilient performance amid on gRead More
In order to avoid credit events that have hit mutual fund fixed income schemes, investors are subscribing to bonds in public debt issues. All the public debt issues are of NBFs andRead More
Results Update The company has reported the results for the quarter ended March 2019. The revenue grew by 6% in Q4FY19 compared to the same quarter last year. The muted performanceRead More
Large Cap, Multi cap, Small Cap and Mid Cap funds have outperformed BSE S&P Sensex in the month of April 2019. Strong FII flows into fundamentally strong stocks helped Mid Cap Read More
Dear Advisory Client, Going into May, market volatility will heighten on election results. A verdict to the opposition can lead to a sharp fall in markets by 25%, especially if theRead More